Sauna accessoires - Oxygen Treatment

The sauna bath with oxygen treatment

Oxygen is not only the foundation of our life energy but also has a detoxifying effect. The sauna bath, frequented regularly, is beneficial for health and improves metabolism. high temeratures up to ca. 90 °C in the sauna cabin increase the demand of oxygen. A sauna bath with inhalation of oxygen let muscles relax and protects the heart and blood circulation, increases the physical and mental capacity to a very high level and facilitates the purification and regeneration.

With inhalation of oxigen during the sauna bath improves metabolism and memory and is a real source of youth and the perfect anti-aging treatment. Purifies the skin and the body. Is recommended for those who make a diet. The sauna with oxygen treatment provides a deep regeneration and relaxation for body, spirit and soul and has a wellbeeing effect.

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