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Infrared Saunas

Infrared sauna cabins have rapidly grown in popularity over the last few qears. With Infrared, the heat is delivered in a  more localised area making its benefits vast and varied. And can help to alleviate conditions associated with muscoloskeletal conditions and metabolic disorders.

Following the onset of sweating, effects occur that are referred to as "detoxification" or "purification".

Madera Saunateam offers infrared cabins for relaxation and wellness in many beautiful designs and quality.

The infrared version is a particularly effective, safe and localised heat treatment. The low-temperature (35° C) infrared technique release heat through the ergonomic seating.

Advantage of a infrared cabin:

- wellbeeing for the body: an infrared cabin helps detoxify the body, relieves pain and muscle tension.

- Comfort and safety: VDE certified infrared technology

- professional dual-circuit infrared cabins with temperature control

the infrared cabin can be connected to any standard socket and is ready for use in a short time.


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