Emotional Showers by Madera.
Quality work from South Tyrol.

Dachmarke Südtirol

Emotional Shower

Experience showers are much more than just a fashion trend. Madera Saunateam complete it's offer with the construction of experience showers.

We offer experience showers in many beautiful designs. They can be featured with colored light, different water temperatures, gentle warm tropical rain or polar ice shower.

Afther the sauna or stam bath it is necessary to take a cold shower to refresh and revitalize your organism, for optimal wellbeeing. Madera experience showers are featured with ice fog flavored with mint cold shower, or tropical rain flavored with Maracuja, "summer lightening" and warm shower. You can enjoy soft steam and the chromo therapy! Umidity 98%.

With the combination from cromoterapy and aromaterapy the relaxation is guaranted! A real experience for body and mind.  

The combination from cromoterapy and aromaterapy, tropical rain or ice fog is a pleasant experience!

The cabins are ready for tiling in wide variety of mosaic or ceramic finishes.

Ice Waterfall

The Ice waterfall offers a unforgettable cool down after a sauna or vapour bath.

Madera experience showers are individually produced and can be integrated harmoniously and perfectly in wellness area's of Hotel's or private SPA's. 



A few details of our emotional showers:

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